Where does your Donation Go?

As a Non-Profit, donations are essential for the continuation of our day-to-day operations. We ensure every dog that is adopted from us goes to their new family with all of the necessary medical procedures already done. This means that each dog goes through a rigorous round of medical preventative treatments, surgeries including spaying-and-neutering, and is microchipped for their safety. But it doesn't stop there. Facility maintenance including yard work, laundry, cleaning, upkeep, and transportation must continue for our operation to run smoothly. Most importantly, insurance to cover our facilities, pets, vehicles, and more keep our costs ranging in the thousands of dollars every month. Any amount donated goes further than you can expect. It ensures that we can continue to do what we do, and bring dogs and families together. Thank you!

Dog Vet Hawaii
Dog Grooming Hawaii
Vet/Surgery Bills
$100+ Per Dog
Pet Laundry Costs
Bedding and Laundry 
$250+ / Month
Pet Treat Costs
$100+ / Month
$50+ Per Dog
$25 Per Dog
Dog Microchip
Dog Vaccinations Hawaii
Pet Food hawaii
$500+ / Month
Judge Writing
$1000+ / Month

Paying For Adoption?


Follow the steps below

  1. Simply click 'add to cart' for each purchase associated with your adoption.

  2. Fill out all of the necessary information regarding your pet

  3. For inter-island flights, cost of the flight is added once you pick the size of your dog - our office team will let you know prior to purchase

  4. Your dog is microchipped prior to your adoption date and is included in your adoption fee; however, the registration (done either by you or our staff) have fees associated with them. These fees vary based on the chip-type and database. We are familiar with database-registration and can do it for you at a flat-rate-fee of $25. If your dog is found, it is VITAL that your information is current and any organization can contact you. 

  5. For Mainland-flights, please contact our office before purchase. Boarding costs may be invoiced to you on non-direct flights with stopovers.