Many Ways That You Can Help Support Us:

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Fosters Needed

 The success that Aloha 'Ilio Rescue accomplishes daily is only possible with the hard work of the dedicated fosters that open up their hearts and homes to these dogs that are awaiting adoption.  If it's a litter of puppies that needs to be hand fed, a dog who's owner has passed or a stray that was turned in to the shelter, these fosters jump in and nurture these animals until the animal is ready for adoption and a qualified home is found.

Sometimes the dogs need to get spayed or neutered, maybe they need a little help learning some manners or just needs a place to rest while a furever home is found.  Whatever the situation, Aloha 'Ilio will match the animal with what the foster is comfortable caring for.


The foster is responsible for the loving care and food for the dog.  They are also responsible to get the dog to any appointments. (exams, spay/neuter surgeries, ect.)  Aloha 'Ilio would be responsible for advertising and paying for all Aloha Ilio Rescue board approved medication and veterinary care.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful foster?  Do you want to be part of a team that is making a difference in these animals lives?  Click on the link below, fill in the Foster Application and someone will be in contact with you.

Fostering is NOT when you are trying to find a dog for your family and you just want to"try out" a dog.


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 Volunteers are always welcome and needed here at Aloha Ilio! Whether you want to help us with fundraising,  bathing dogs, participating in adoption events, educating the keiki in our community or just taking a dog for a walk, please let us know. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities!

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 Often we need help getting dogs back and forth from Kona to Hilo and vice versa. Message us if you are traveling, and see if we are in need of transportation for a dog to and from the other side of the island.


We also need help transporting dogs to other islands as well as the mainland. If you are traveling and don't mind taking a dog as extra baggage (we pay the fees), we certainly could use your help. Message us or PM us on our Facebook messenger and let us know where you are going and when.  It may be the perfect match to where we need to take a dog!

Contact us via Facebook if you can help!


At The End Of The Day Anything Helps to Save These Wonderful Dogs

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