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Please help us save dogs like Fiona and Wishbone.


We received a phone call of a dog living in a rusted out small wire cage in a yard, covered by cardboard, and food thrown in and a water hose set in the cage to provide water.   This long haired maltese/shihtzu (Fiona) lived in this filth for years.   We convinced the owner to relinquish the dog to us.  


Wishbone was found as a stray. When dogs are found emaciated and lost, we can only wonder what kind of suffering or neglect they have endured. When dogs are found like this, we often rely on fosters to step up to help them feel more comfortable during their recovery phase. Unfortunately dogs are found in this condition quite often, and it takes extra care and resources to help them heal.

How can you help us?

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Use the QR code here to make a lifesaving donation that helps us continue the work we do in the community.  

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