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Cleaning the lanai and find and old dog bed? Or, maybe your best furry friend got a new orthopedic dog bed for Christmas (lucky!). Too many beach towels taking over your cupboards? We will gladly take them off your hands. Please see the list below for items we accept and where to drop them off! 

Our donation drop-off address is:

R & D Equipment Repair 

16-579 Kipimana st

Keaau HI. 96749

Mon- Fri 7am-4:30pm

ALTRES staffing

75-166 Kalani St Suite 201

Kailua-Kona HI 96740

Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:30pm

Any gift cards or small, mailable items can be sent to our PO Box:

PO Box 492364

Keaau. HI. 96749

If you have any questions about items to donate, please see our FAQ, or reach out using the contact form (see below for both).

For food donations, please click here.

Dog in His Bed

Lightly Used Dog Beds

Beach Towel

Lightly Used Towels

Dog with a toy

Dog Toys

Dog House

Crates and Carriers

White Duvet


Dog with Leash

Leashes and Collars


Gas Cards

Going for a Drive

Used Cars

Gift Card

Gift Cards

Closeup of Dog Treats

Dog Treats

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Folded Towels

Laundry Detergent

Many Dogs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Item Donation

What type of dog beds can I donate?

We appreciate dog beds of any size and brand but please ensure they are not heavily used or with big holes in them.

What type of toys can I donate?

Shelter dogs LOVE to play, and socializing them using toys can be a great way to keep them busy whilst they wait for their forever home. Any lightly used or new toys are great. 

Can I donate a comforter?

Absolutely. Comforters are great for lining crates and pens and helping to keep our dogs comfortable. Please donate comforters clean and without any large holes. 

What type of towels can I donate?

Any size, color, or brand of towel will be greatly appreciated but please donate them clean and without heavy use.

What type of crates do you accept?

Creates and carriers are great for transporting dogs to their forever homes. We accept all crates that are in working order (all doors and parts please!) We especially love airplane appropriate crates for dogs leaving their island for their new forever homes.

Can I donate leashes and collars?

We will happily receive old and new leashes and collars. Please remove tags from old collars and make sure leashes have not been chewed! We don't want any escapees! 

How do I donate a gas card?

We use SO much gas getting our dogs too and from vet appointments, fosters, the airport, and on rescue missions. Gas cards help us keep the show on the road. Please make sure that any gas cards can be redeemed at gas stations in Hilo or nearby, and either drop them off at the drop-off address or mail them to us at 

Aloha Ilio Rescue, PO Box 492364, Keaau. HI. 96749. Note: Please no Costco gas cards, that's a long drive for us! 

Do you accept used cars?

Yes! Any running used car will be greatly received. Please reach out to us at the contact form below to set up an appointment. We would need to meet personally to sign over registration. Please do not leave cars at the drop off address.

Do you accept laundry detergent?

Yes. We go through a lot of laundry detergent. All brands accepted. Please ensure products are unused. 

Do you accept gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards are great. We especially love cards we can redeem in Hilo or online. Our favorites are Target, Walmart, Petco, and Amazon. Gift cards can be dropped off at the drop off address, mailed to us at Aloha Ilio Rescue, PO Box 492364, Keaau. HI. or emailed to us as at 

Do you accept dog treats?

Yes! Sealed bags of any type of dog treats and dental chews are gladly accepted.

Do you accept cleaning products?

As you can imagine, keeping the shelter clean is a never ending task and cleaning products such as Clorox beach are very welcome. Please ensure products are unused. 

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