Who we are

At Aloha Ilio, we strive to ensure every dog is matched up with an owner that is serious about the commitment adopting a dog entails, while at the same time ensuring that both parties are happy to become a family together. Above even our desire to rescue dogs is ensuring that those already under our care have the best quality of life possible. We strive to ensure our facilities stay clean, our dogs have the opportunity to stretch their legs, and all of them get the medical care and attention they deserve.

Meet The Team

Aloha Ilio President
Aloha Ilio Vice President

Daylynn Kyles

Dr. K Henricks, DVM 

President and Founder

Vice President

Owner of Good Karma

Spay & Neuter Clinic.

Jane Weidlin the Go Go's

Jane Wiedlin


Founding Member of the iconic all-female band, the Go-Go's and lifelong animal advocate.

Aloha Ilio Director

Julie Kron


Co-Owner of

Mason's Electric

Aloha Ilio Director

Kerry Willocks


Willocks Construction

Aloha Ilio Secretary

Michelle Lee


Retired teacher and

Non-Profit Administrator

Aloha Ilio Daylynn Kyles

Daylynn Kyles

President and Founder

With a long history of ties to the Big Island and a love of dogs parallel to none, Daylynn Kyles founded Aloha Ilio and has been working to continue its growth ever since. “I wanted to do something that made a difference to our island community and it's animals. My motivation is to stop the overpopulation and euthanasia of unwanted dogs by bringing awareness to our community of the challenges that have existed for far too long."

The Kennel Team

Aloha Ilio Kennel Manager

Tiffany Perreira

Kennel Overseer/ On-site Vet Tech

Tiffany has worked with dogs for over a decade. She understands what it takes to ensure a dogs health stays optimal. One of her most valuable attributes is the ability to read a dogs body language and behavior; it takes very little time for Tiffany to understand what a dog wants or needs, and she’s an expert at navigating an interaction.

Aloha Ilio Manager

Mustafa Koprucu

Intake Specialist / Social Media and Website Manager

Born in Massachusetts, Mustafa made the decision to move to the Big Island in 2017 to attend University. With a long history of fostering and working for Pitbull-rescues on the East Coast, he is very good at handling dogs and making sure they stay healthy until they find the right home. His University background in Information systems helps us continue to manage our website and social media platforms

Aloha Ilio Kennel Assistant

Bonnie Leslie

On-Call Kennel Team Assistant

Medical Worker by day and dog-helper by night (or weekends), Bonnie Leslie strives to ensure our dogs maintain their health and happiness for as long as they stay with us. A long term foster for multiple dogs and litters, and a pack-mom of her own, she knows what it takes to keep dogs healthy and on the road to their forever-homes.

The office

Donna Cornwell
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Fundraising and Office Assistant

Donna Cornwell

With a soft spot in her heart and a warm disposition, Donna sits at the helm of our every day office duties. A vital component of our Fundraising team, Donna ensures that our events help us get the much needed money to continue our operations and help our dogs. You can see her at some of our many outreach programs and sometimes even feeding extra treats to the dogs at our facilities.